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12 Ways Therapy Can Enhance Life for Late Identified Autistic Adults

I believe that therapy can help anyone. Unlike the traditional medical model that sees therapy as a place to “fix” things, I see therapy as an opportunity to enhance who we are and live more flourishing, meaningful lives.

Therapy for newly identified autistic people is especially powerful because most unidentified autistics spend their entire lives feeling broken and ashamed of who they are. Therapy is an opportunity to shed the internalized judgments and shame to embrace who they fully are.

In my private practice, I specialize in late-identified autism. As a late-identified autistic person myself, I help clients to fully understand who they are and learn to work with their neurodivergent minds.

Watercolor of a black person yelling with joy by autistic art therapist Jackie Schuld
"Be Fully You" Watercolor by Jackie Schuld

When someone comes to therapy as a newly identified autistic, here are some things we explore:

  1. Why you do the things the way you do

  2. How autism uniquely impacts you

  3. How to reconnect with your feelings and work with them

  4. How to identify and understand your unique needs

  5. How to advocate for your needs in different settings, such as at work, in medical settings, at school, etc.

  6. How to discuss your needs with friends and family

  7. How to ease the difficulty of life transitions, such as moving, relationship changes, new jobs.

  8. How to optimize your physical environment for your autistic enjoyment and needs

  9. How to enhance your autistic strengths

  10. How to experience more good, life-enhancing moments

  11. How to use sensory sensitivities to your advantage

  12. How to select the appropriate job and work environment

These are just a small sampling of some of the things that therapy can bring to your life. You can explore more benefits in how therapy can help with late-identified autism.

If you’re curious about how all of this is possible, I’ve also written an essay about what we do in therapy to accomplish all of these benefits.


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