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Counseling and

Art Therapy Fees 

Art Therapy for Adults (Age 18+)

$200/50 min session

$300/80 min session

All fees are self-pay via credit card, cash, or HSA card. Insurance is not accepted, but I can provide a superbill for you to give your insurance for possible reimbursement.

What are the advantages

of self-Pay?

To have therapy services covered under insurance, you must have a mental health diagnosis. A mental health diagnosis can be limiting and place the focus on something being "wrong" with the individual. It can discount the role of life circumstances, poverty, systemic oppression, and more that create stress in a person's life. Furthermore, a person may not be seeking treatment for a mental health disorder - they may be hoping for more balance, life purpose, or other positive traits.

Some individuals also prefer to not prefer to have their permanent health record void of their mental health diagnosis, and prevent insurance companies from having legal access to their diagnosis, treatment plan and case notes containing a great deal of personal information.

As a private paying client, some additional advantages include

  • No contact needed with a third-party payer (i.e. insurance company)

  • Ability to choose your therapist based on the needs and values you desire

  • Ability to determine length of treatment and care