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Therapy for entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Traditional therapy focuses on improving your personal life and mental wellbeing. 

Traditional business coaching focuses on improving your business.

I want to bridge the gap.


As a specialist in entrepreneurs, I know how much mental health impacts an individual's ability to successfully run their business. I also know how the demands of running a business can impact an individual's mental health. As a therapist and business owner myself, I also uniquely understand the unique demands of running a business

I provide therapy for entrepreneurs that improves BOTH their mental well-being and the success of their business. We'll tackle what's impacting you personally and what's impacting your business. We'll look at mindsets that hold you back personally and professionally, and develop new narratives to help you reach your goals.

During our initial intake, we will set and prioritize your personal and business goals. Every week, we will meet to work toward your goals. Some examples of previous goals set by entrepreneurs: 

  • Improve sleep

  • Feel confident in raising my fees

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Calmly and clearly communicate when conflict arises 

  • Address money mindsets that impact business

  • Learn work/life balance

  • Increase overall happiness

I help entrepreneurs throughout the globe. The only requirement is that you are currently starting or running a business. We will meet through video.

What is the structure?

I request that all new clients make a seven week commitment. For seven weeks, we will meet weekly. 

  • Week 1: Initial meeting for 75 min

  • Week 2-7: Weekly meeting for 45 min

At the end of our seven weeks together, clients can decide to continue on a weekly basis.

What is the Investment?

7 week package: $2,875*

45 min meeting: $375


Can I use Insurance?

Due to the unique blend of therapy and coaching, I do not accept insurance. Individuals can use HSA/FSA cards. Some individuals can also write off the cost as a business expense (please check with your accountant). 


How is this different than traditional therapy?

What Will we do?

Who is Eligible?

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