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Consultation Services 

Expressive art painting made by Art Therapist Jackie Schuld in Tucson, Arizona.

Autism Consultation

For individuals who would like to consult about autism and neurodivergence. This would be a good fit for you if:

  • You have some questions about autism you want answered by an expert

  • You're wondering if you might be autistic and you want clear advice about next steps to take

  • You want some strategies and guidance for your autistic mind, but aren't ready to jump into therapy

  • You have a family member or friend who is autistic and you'd like to learn more about autism and how to connect, communicate, and support each other better

Creativity Consultation

Would you like a creativity jump start? We are all born with the ability to be creative, but we often lose touch with it. A creativity consult is designed to re-inspire you as you connect with play, joy, self exploration, and your creative intuition. 


In our 60 minute meeting, I'll guide you through art making as we talk. We'll explore what areas of your life you want infused with energy and how to move through any stuck points. 


At the conclusion, I'll give a month's worth of art activities to help you continue your creative jumpstart.

Private Practice Consultation

I provide business consultation for therapists who want to run private practices that supports their financial, time, energy, and soul needs. This would be a good fit for you if you would like help with:

  • Getting started with a practice

  • Changing your existing private practice

  • Determining your fee 

  • Setting your work schedule 

  • Finding your client niche

  • Figuring out how to get clients

  • Creating a marketing plan

  • Moving through all the fear 

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