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Life as a Late Identified Autistic by Jackie Schuld

2024 International

Book Tour

Autistic Style

My book "Life as a Late-Identified Autistic" will be published in January 2024... marking the beginning of my book tour.


But there’s no way I can do a traditional book tour.

They’re typically multiple events packed into a few weeks. The quick pace as you jet from city to city is exhausting. 

The events themselves are overwhelmingly large, slightly awkward as you talk about your book, and full of sensory overload as you try to sign books and talk to people in crowded spaces.


It’s obvious that traditional book tours are not autism or disability friend.

So I'm on a grand experiment to make a book tour that feels comfortable for me as an autistic. 

I want it to be more about connection. I've even been tempted to call it a connection tour.

What will be different?

  • I'm spreading out my book tour across all of 2024

  • The events will be small: 5-10 people

  • Instead of "book talks" or "book signing events," we'll gather around a table to chat and make art. I'll bring the supplies so we can make something simple, like collages about neurodivergence.

  • Participants will be welcome to ask me questions about late-identified autism, and I'll also include a stack of cards with questions in case verbally speaking is challenging for some.

  • Our meetings will be held in intimate spaces, like a library room, a therapy office, a small craft store, etc.

  • We'll meet for 60-90 minutes.

Where will the Book Tour go?

I'll integrate the book tour into places I'll already be visiting in 2024.


I also  want to go to new places! I have a goal of taking the book tour to six continents. I'll go wherever I'm invited. Someone who invites me is responsible for hosting our meeting (meaning they select the event location and ensure it's ready for our meeting). I'll bring the art and a plan for our time together.

If you'd like to invite me to your city, please email me at


I'm currently constructing the calendar. This is the perfect time to invite me to your city.


I'm also looking for hosts in the following places that I will already be visiting: Edinburgh (Scotland), New Delhi (India), Salt Lake City (Utah), O'ahu (Hawai'i), and Columbus (Ohio). Please email me at

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