I L L U S T R A T O R 

Are you looking for an illustrator for your book?


I specialize in making illustrations for authors choosing to self-publish.


My goals are to create illustrations you love, communicate openly and promptly (I always respond within a day), and meet all established deadlines

How the Illustrative Process Works:


  • We discuss your vision (your story, style of illustration, medium, etc.)

  • We create a contract specifying how many images, compensation, etc. 

  • I'll send you character sketches that can be modified until you are perfectly happy

  • I'll send you rough sketches of each page that I will modify until they are exactly how you would like

  • I create the images in color

  • I send you high-resolution copies of the images

  • If you want help with page lay-out and text integration, I can do that too!


Cost of Illustrations 


Every book is different and thus cost is determined by the number of illustrations requested and size of images. I will happily create an estimate for your book. Payment for illustrations can also be spread across a 6 month period. 


Expected Time to Create Illustrations for a Book


The amount of time it takes to complete the illustrations for your book depends on the number of illustrations, the amount of detail in each illustration, and how quickly you review and respond to the rough sketches. Generally, illustrations for a full-length children's book take 1-2 months.


Author Testimonial


"Jackie was so helpful from beginning to end. From a novice author with a partial plan and an idea, she has helped me bring something to life in may more ways then just her artwork. She's made helpful suggestions and even added artistic embellishments that enhanced the characters of the story. Her talented artwork is beautiful, heartfelt and full of life. I can't recommend working with her enough. Although never meeting, her kind hearted soul comes out in her emails and her art. Truly a joyful experience."

                             - Lorna Ellis, Author of "Ten Tiny Piggies"

                          You can read more about our collaboration here.

Contact Me


I'd love to discuss the possibility of brining your vision to life!


Please feel free to email me at jackieschuldart@gmail.com or call me at 808-286-7836.